Pleased to have three senior distinguished volunteers in our Hospital Without Hunger Program

Hospital Without Hunger Program volunteering On 17th of March 2022

A special day for Karunyavarsham Charitable Trust.

Free Food Program – Hospital Without Hunger

On the 17th of March, 2022, we had three Senior distinguished volunteers in our Free Food Distribution Centre (HOSPITAL WITHOUT HUNGER) in Government Medical College, Ernakulam, Kalamassery Campus.

They served food to all the patients and their bystanders who were waiting for food.

Free food Program volunteering On 17th of March 2022
Free food Program volunteering On 17th of March 2022

They are Sri Sebastian Malekudy, who is an International consultant in Oil Industry, and his wife Smt Rani Sebastian. Another person is Sri Pious Antony, who is an NRI. This trio was with us till we clean and locked our counter, after our service, they appreciated our Charitable Work and offered their volunteering whenever they are in Cochin.

Thanks for their volunteering.

Volunteer and get involved in making a change in someone’s life.

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