Integrated Palliative Home CareProject (SAHAI)

The program

SAHAI is a project for providing Integrated Home care services to the Cancer Patients in Ernakulam District in association with Cochin Cancer Research Centre, Kalamassery.

Our Trained staff and volunteers visit each patient at their home every month and provide the patients nursing care, medical support, counselling etc.

Currently, we have been attending more than 350 Cancer patients every month by rotation. We provide necessary patient supporting equipment like air bed, walkers, water bed, etc. and food kits to the needy.

How you can support Become a volunteer

Inaguration of Integrated Palliative Home CareProject (SAHAI) a home care service to cancer patients who are under treatment in CCRC, Kalamassery, in Ernakulam, By Smt. Shylaja Teacher, H’ble Minister for health, Govt. Of Kerala.

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