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H W H: Free Food to Patients and their Bystanders in hospital Programme

We started Hospital Without Hunger in April 2011, in a small way by giving free food to just 20 persons per day in Government Hospital, Kalamassery. Every year the number of patients were getting increased, which in turn increased the requirement for food. We have established a kitchen in the Hospital premises with the concurrence of the District Administration for serving free meals to the Patients and their bystanders. As on 31-3-2022 we have served 850,000 meals.

Serving of food is not restricted to any category; but those who are in need can avail this service. Majority of the patients were from faraway places and mostly from economically and socially backward strata of the society and our food supply was very much appreciated by them. Many of the social organizations are coming to support us financially and otherwise for this service. 

Karunyavarsham Charitable Trust is a beacon of compassion and service, dedicated to uplifting those in need within our community.

Established with the core objective of fostering social welfare, the trust’s efforts have significantly impacted the lives of those it serves. Among its many initiatives, the “Hospital Without Hunger” Project has made remarkable strides by offering free meals to patients and their caregivers in the Government Medical College Hospital Kalamassery, Ernakulam. This endeavor, which began modestly, provided sustenance (project period 2011-2022) to an impressive number of 1, 50,000 meals per year, catering to the nutritional needs of patients from all walks of life. The project was temporarily stopped and will be started in June-July, 2024 after shifting the kitchen in another location in the same place.

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Food for the needy.

We have been in service since 2011 for the needy and downtrodden. Govt. Medical College Hospital is more or less a referral hospital and hence other hospitals refer the patients to this hospital. Patients are coming from faraway places. So they are unable to bring food from their houses. Our services are beneficial to so many patients and their bystanders. Similarly nutritious hot food can help the patients to recover from illness and can go for their livelihood.

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