About us

Organisation History

The Idea behind the Karunyavarsham Charitable Trust was sparked on a Sunday Noon on April 11, 2011, when we happened to visit Government Medical College Hospital, Ernakulam, Kalamassery  and notice that many of the patients and their bystanders had to remain hungry as there was not enough canteen/hotel facility nearby.

A sense of social responsibility spurred us to start serving free meals in Government Medical College Hospital, Ernakulam on Sundays, which in turn led to the birth of the Karunyavarsham Charitable Trust. It was registered as a Trust on 4th December, 2013 under the Indian Trust Act and now has registration under Sec 12A and 80G of Income Trust Act and renewed under Sec 10AC till AY 2026-27. Subsequently we also got registered with

Trust Regn. No. 122/IV/2013

NitiAyog Registration: KL/2016/0097278.

CSR1 Registration: CSR00027790.

Life Membership: Indian Association of Palliative Care: IAPC-2017-90976035.

With the support of many generous donors, we could able to serve one free meal to more than 500 plus patients and bystanders per day round the year. Whenever, we got sufficient funds, additionally we served Dinner, Egg and Milk occasionally to the patients. This project successfully engaged till March 2022.


Food for the needy.

We are in our eighth year of our service for the needy and downtrodden. We are getting full Support from the Management of the Government Medical College Hospital, Ernakulam, Kalamassery. This hospital is more or less a referral hospital so small hospitals refer the patients to this hospital. Patients are coming from faraway places. So they are unable to bring food from their houses. Our services are beneficial to so many patients and their bystanders. Similarly nutritious hot food can help the patients to recover from illness and can go for their livelihood.

Our mission

Our mission is to feed the poor, care for the sick, and to provide means of livelihood to sustain. To channelize resources from those who have it, to those who need it.

Our vision

To help the patients to recover from their illness by way of nutritious food and medicines and make them fit to earn their livelihood and thereby participating in the nation Building. The advancement of the nation is depends upon the Health of the citizens.

Palliative Home Care Service

Palliative home care service was started in November, 2015. Once in a month on rotation basis we visit the bed ridden patients in their houses and provide them necessary nursing care. We also provide them grocery kits occasionally. We arrange for them wheel chair, walker etc, in special cases. This project is known as SAHAI. The area of operation of this project is Ernakulam for the time being. After assessing the output and requirement, it is also proposed to add one of unit to cover the entire area.

It is now converted as Integrated Cancer Home Care Project.

We have one fully trained Staff Nurse and trained volunteers. It was started on the 14th of May, 2018. It is really a Project of Cochin Cancer Research Centre. We are the partners to it. CCRC will provide some medicines and Medical advice. We implement the project. We visit the houses of their patients, provide them nursing care. If needed we contact the doctor from there by video/voice call and discuss with the doctor the patient’s current position and as per his advice, we provide services to the patient. If it is necessary, the patients will be transferred to the nearby Government hospital or to the CCRC. We have to provide the infrastructure required for the project. By doing this the patients, in their difficult days; need not travel to the far away hospital for consultation.


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