Palliative Care Home Cum Short Stay Home For Cancer Patients

The proposed plan

We propose to establish a Palliative Care Home cum Short Stay Home for Cancer Patients, who come for treatment in Government Medical College, Cochin Cancer Research Centre, Kalamassery and nearby hospitals. The Project will be located within two kilometres from the Medical college Hospital. Here, the patients, who come for cancer treatments in city Hospitals. Cancer Patients, who are referred for Palliative care and need Palliative Care Home service can stay here along with one bystander as per the advice of the Doctor. Similarly Short stay will allowed to Cancer Patients and one of their bystander in our Short Stay Home.

We request your whole hearted support by your valuable advice and financial contributions for this noble cause which will be helpful for thousands of less privileged and distressed Cancer Patients.

Project: Initially we propose 50 bedded facility. It is proposed to provide free/paid boarding and lodging facilities for the Cancer Patients and their bystander, who are referred for palliative care. Similarly cancer patients and bystander, who come for treatment in Cancer Hospitals in Cochin, will be provided Short Stay in our proposed house.

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Karunyabhavan: The Proposed Palliative Care Home Cum Short Stay Home For Cancer Patients

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